Homemade Bretzels

Based off a recipe shared with us by a bakery in München, this is our store's bread and butter, literally! As one of our favorite recipes, we've also taken the time to develop a few spreads to go with it that we know you'll love- like honey mustard or our signature cinnamon butter.

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Artisan Gelato

Unlike American-style ice-cream, gelato is made with less whipped-in air and more flavor. In fact, the gelato we carry is so flavorful that Oprah has even featured it on her favorite things list! Want to hear the best part? Gelato typically has less fat than traditional ice-cream!

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Liege Waffles

Did you know that in Belgium, there is no such thing as a Belgian waffle? Instead, they serve a brussels waffle and a Liege Waffle, which has a semi- gooey inside and large sugar crystals that carmelize the outside. The liege is pretty hard to find outside of belgium, which is why we're proud to serve them at Günter Hans!

Specialty drinks

From imported beers such as Lindeman's Kriek to our homemade Sangria, we've got the perfect drink to suite your taste. Not sure what to try? Ask your server for regional favorites or try our European Beer sampler. From Ireland to Germany, you're sure to find a beer you love!

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  • I just had to send you a little message saying that my boyfriend and I stopped in earlier this evening to see how wonderful everything was in the new place and it far exceeded our expectations! The ambiance, the food, the drinks--it truly speaks for itself that this venture comes from the heart.

    Chelsea C.